Why Worry About Air Quality

What can be done to improve air quality in the capital of Armenia?

Photo: Stepanavan, Armenia by Mushegh Hakobyan

air pollution in Yerevan

The chart below shows the daily air quality index (AQI) in Vahakni, Yerevan from April 2020 until April 2021. The index rapidly rises to dangerous levels during the cold months and stays in unhealthy and very unhealthy territory for long periods of time with occasional spikes to hazardous levels. You can see current Yerevan air quality here.

Chart showing daily air quality in Yerevan calculated according to U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI).

*The historical air pollution data used to calculate the Air Quality Index (AQI) is provided by PurpleAir.    The higher is the AQI value, the greater is the level of air pollution, and the greater are the negative health effects.

Why improving air quality is important and our strategy

The negative health effects of air pollution are well known (NIH.gov, WHO.int). They include diminished lung function, asthma, premature death, and others. However, it is not something people talk about unless the situation is extremely bad. And especially in developing countries like Armenia, this subject is not a high priority for most. As of May 2021, there are only 2 air quality sensors in Yerevan that report data publicly. In comparison, the city of Glendale (California) has more than 50 sensors, while its population is 5 times less than Yerevan's. We developed the following plan of action to raise awareness about Yerevan's air pollution, find its sources, and reduce it as much as possible.

Recently air pollution was linked to reduced cognitive function

Environmental health researchers Joe Allen and Jose Laurent explain how tiny, inflammation-causing particles in the air can lead to reduced cognitive functions.

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